R.L. Morris & Son's Construction

Premier oil and gas construction company

R. L. Morris & Sons Construction Company

A premier oil and gas construction company. RLM has been providing unsurpassed construction service for more than 40 years. RLM works in partnership with their clients to complete the project safely, on time, and under budget.

Specialized Services Include
� Pipeline Construction
� Certified Poly HDPE 2 inch -24 inch
� Gas Compression Station Construction
� Meter and Regulator Stations
� Launcher/Receiver Stations
� Pipeline replacement
� Value replacement
� Pipe Coating and Recoating
� Certified Pressurized Hydro testing
� Directional Drilling
Experienced Work Force & Management

The RLM work force is comprised of Operator Qualified Employees. Qualification programs includes Midwest Energy Corp. and Veriforce. Employees focused to complete the project safely and quickly without compromising quality.