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Our History

R.L. Morris & Sons Construction got its start in 1972. The original R.L. Morris logo is still used today, which advertises our initial focus of oilfield and pipeline construction. Our current President, Tyler Morris, is the third-generation owner/operator.

We are proud to have many life-long employees, some rooted back to 1979. Our company has always worked to be at the top of its industry and, when necessary, pivot to fit changing markets. For example, R.L. Morris’ original focus was on high pressure gas and oil lines. Next, we got into sales lines, meter runs, and low-pressure poly pipe work. The 2000’s offered improved technologies for remediation including the smart pig and directional drilling. We also began distribution work. In 2012, R.L. Morris & Sons obtained its first pipeline remediation contract. Remediation is where R.L. Morris found its niche and where most of today’s work is focused. R.L. Morris primarily completes mainline remediation as well as direct assessment. Other types of work we do include valve replacements and compressor stations.

Our job sites have been in and around golf courses, neighborhoods, farmlands, and in remote wooded areas. We have directional drilled under roads, railroad tracks, and bodies of water. It is common for us to work near or in environmentally sensitive locations such as peat bogs, rivers, streams, creeks, and ponds. A point of pride is a time a project required a person’s driveway and front yard to be completely dug out. Despite our company temporarily destroying their driveway and yard, we received a genuinely nice letter from that homeowner about their experience.

At R.L. Morris, safety is always a priority for employees, customers, and the public. We pride ourselves in being able to maneuver in any situation while simultaneously offering first-rate customer service and minimize customer out-of-service time on a pipeline. Our business continues to grow and flourish. This allows us to offer in-house opportunities to streamline work through purchasing pipe bending machines, swamp mats, hauling equipment, excavators, booms, and cranes. This prevents slowdowns involved with third-party scheduling and mark-up costs to customers. Another in-house tool is part of our core team, which includes three mechanics who keep our machines running and safe for our employees to use.

R. L. Morris has a long history of success and business flexibility which has contributed to its longevity. We appreciate our long-standing relationship with Consumers Energy. We look forward to hearing from you regarding our bid and working together to complete projects.